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Hello! Due to unforeseen circumstances we are urgently seeking a Sheffield based actor to play the role of Jenna in SpeakUp Theatre's RESIDUE, which will premiere at VAULT Festival 2023 (London). 


If you're interested in the project please get in touch ASAP as we will be casting at the end of this week. 

Casting breakdown

Female actor, playing age anywhere between 45-70

Jenna is a member of a survivors support group. Although she is shy, Jenna is very liberal, forward thinking and has a great sense of humour. She is a highly resilient woman who has experienced severe domestic abuse. She thinks very highly of the other women in the group but is very under confident in herself and her abilities. At her core, Jenna has a quiet burning strength that reveals itself in bursts over the course of the play. 


6 women meet in a support group. It’s for Survivors*

*Not the Destiny’s Child kind. They’re not really sure what kind, but they're figuring it out. Together. 


Award nominated SpeakUp Theatre present RESIDUE, an electrifying ode to women’s stories of surviving abuse. Wading through the mess, the chaos, the joy and the pain of picking up the pieces, RESIDUE explores what it means to "survive" and celebrates the friendships found in the wreckage.

RESIDUE has been created in conjunction with SPEAKUP SURVIVORS, a two year lived experience leadership project providing creative workshops for women who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse. With thanks to Surviving Economic Abuse, Manchester Women’s Aid, IChooseFreedom, Clarion Refuges Kent. To the women who shared their stories and the women who are still finding their voice. 

SpeakUp RESIDUE .jpg

Key dates and details 

(Full availability is required for all dates)


Rehearsals (Sheffield)

Week 1: 30th Jan- 3rd Feb

Week 2: 6th Feb- 8th Feb 


Tech and shows (VAULT Festival, London)

10th, 11th, 12th Feb 2023


The fee for the entire project is £1430


We will make an additional £200 contribution towards travel and accommodation expenses for the rehearsal and show period, as well as an additional per diem of £30 for every day you are in London. 


If you would like to be considered for the role of Jenna please send us an email on ASAP with your headshot & Spotlight/any other relevant links and we will send over details for a self tape. 


We really look forward to hearing from you!


Izzy and Verity

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