SpeakUp Survivors

A new project co led by Izzy Kabban and Verity Richards

We are over the moon to have been awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to work with female survivors of domestic and sexual abuse across London & Manchester.

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What are we doing? 

We are Izzy and Verity (pictured here!) We have just been awarded a grant from the National Lottery to work with women in  Manchester and London who have survived domestic and sexual abuse. Over two years we want to run a series of drama workshops focusing on theatre making, building confidence, and most importantly building community & having fun.  As fellow lived experience leaders we know the power in seeing your stories and experiences represented on stage with care and love. We want to offer you the chance to create a performance with us which will go on a small tour in 2022. The National Lottery grant means that we can offer all of this free of charge. 

What will I gain? 

From taking part in the project you would become part of a creative community of survivors. We want to support you to explore your creative voice, building a safe space for you to talk, share, create and collaborate. By the end of our interactions you would become creatively autonomous, able to independently make your own creative work, as well as part of a collective of survivors who will together create a powerful piece of theatre and have their voices heard. 

You don't need any acting/theatre experience whatsoever. We believe passionately in the range of roles that are available in the theatre industry. There will be acting, design, writing and directing opportunities.  We will create a safe space where you can feed into project in whatever way you feel comfortable. 

How can I get involved?

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What next? 

If you are interested in taking part, please email contact@speakuptheatre.com