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LOVE (Watching Madness)

'My mum threw a trifle at my best friend and that's when I first thought something was probably wrong.'

Izzy’s mum isn’t very happy which means, a lot of the time, Izzy isn’t very happy. Her best friend says she should probably talk to someone about it. So she does.

LOVE (Watching Madness) is a fast paced, poignant and painful celebration of mums, daughters and the strength of a child’s love in the face of tough odds. A heart wrenching and hilarious autobiographical one-woman show about the relentless journey of caring for someone who can’t always show that they care for you.

LOVE (Watching Madness) was developed as part of the John Thaw Initiative with The Actors Centre and went on to The Pleasance, Edinburgh 2019, VAULT Festival 2020 a regional tour in 2020 and Southwark Playhouse 2021. LOVE (Watching Madness) received critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the SIT UP Awards 2019.

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★ ★ ★ ★

— The Stage

“Moving and nuanced”

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